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Prime Group Handling

Digital Transformation Diagnostic.

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    Prime Group Handling

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Group of companies dedicated to the logistics and transport of various products. In search of expansion through new services and new businesses.

 Digital Transformación Diagnostic

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About Prime Group

  • Take advantage of geographical locations to stand out, strategically and highly competitive..
  • Innovate through the development and application of cutting-edge technology.
  • Improve the customer experience.
  • Efficiency in process issues.
  • Determine the digital maturity of the company to have a reference point in the transition to a digital 3PL.
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Solution Proposed by CITI

  • Organizational structure configuration to accomplish the corporate strategy.
  • Process optimization.
  • Design and development of an integral system that allows the visualization of the operation of the entire group.
  • Decision-making through the information generated using Big Data solutions.


  • Specialized profiles aligned to corporate strategy.
  • Assertiveness, efficiency and optimization in critical business activities, reduction of operating costs.
  • Visualization on a single platform of what happens in a 360 panorama.
  • Certainty of starting projects with support of operational and commercial behavior.

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