Real and timely information for a technological transformation.

Align technology architecture to your corporate strategy to support your value chain.

At CITI we’ve developed a model in six dimensions that helps us have in-depth understanding of your company, establish its maturity stage and detect areas of opportunity.

Our diagnostics and interventions add value by providing the company with real and timely information for decision making.

  • On-site immersion, hand in hand with client.
  • Interviews with key people.
  • Documentary analysis and field studies.
  • Development of diagnostic report.
  • Conclusions, solutions and recommendations.
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Transformation Axis
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Value chain


Our diagnostics and interventions provide value by themselves, by providing real and timely information to the company for decision making.

Stage 0


  • Objective design
  • Initial inputs
  • Information analysis
  • Client interview agenda
  • Workplan
Stage 1


  • Interview application
  • Observation surveys
  • Statistical surveys
  • Information exchange
  • Alignment of objectives and possible solutions
  • Digital maturity definition
Stage 2

Solution design

  • Solution design
  • Digitalization
  • Digital transformation
  • Business transformation
Stage 3

Financial analysis

  • Objective design
  • Case studies
  • Financial evaluation method
Stage 4


  • Technological self-sustainability documentation
  • Executive report
  • Final presentation

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Consulting intervention, production of digital transformation roadmap.

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Digital Transformation Diagnostic.

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