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User experience

  • Convergence analysis
  • Design Sprint
  • Heuristic evaluation
  • Usability tests with users
UX integrated service

Iterative process based on design thinking.

The purpose is to understand the user, question assumptions and redefine problems to identify strategies and solutions that may not be apparent after a superficial analysis.

Software development

Commercial grade mobile APPs ISO-27001

We design the experience of our apps to function in a wide variety of mobile devices coherently and consistently.

We have ample experience in developing native hybrid and progressive applications, our design patterns are modular, integrating analytics to observe user and component trends and behaviors.

  • Constantly updated software products
  • OnPremise / Cloud software architecture
  • Quality assurance
  • Tailor-made product development
  • Development of highly transactional products


  • Performance and usage analytics
  • Consulting and architecture
  • Artificial intelligence and applied MLs
  • OpenBanking
Development of integrations, APIs and microservices

We work hand-in-hand with our clients, becoming their technology department to complement their transformation strategy using integration components.

We have the capacity to implement ESB integration strategies, API Management and industry-specific solutions.

Casos de éxito

Claro Pay
Claro Pay

orchestration services

Recarga Amigo Móvil
Recarga Amigo Móvil

Platform for the sale of electronic
recharges and Internet data


App for transferring digital transactions between mobile accounts

Autorizador con Firma Electrónica

Application to get digital authorizations for transactions on the Stock Market

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