Systems integration

Mario Flores August 11, 2020

These days organizations have focused their efforts on the integration of applications, with the purpose of enabling business relationships to flow, in addition to maximizing their own swift delivery of a value proposal.

This topic has taken huge relevance in the information technologies and business ecosystems given that one of the benefits of systems integration is to improve adaptability and scalability for new businesses.

The main function of business software development has behaved similarly in past years. The various areas of the organizations seek software tools that help enable fast growth and optimum business management, therefore, they include a huge amount of tools that allow them to accomplish such objectives. However, these tools are commonly implemented without an integration of strategy, one that includes each of the areas inside the organization, damaging effective communication amongst them, as well as the creation of information silos.

Doubtlessly today, we live in a globalized and interconnected world with growing interoperability amongst systems, therefore it is essential that organizations have strategies that push businesses to fulfill their objectives and goals in an optimum and effective way.

One of the strategies that may help organizations improve their system integration for both legacy and non-legacy systems is through the introduction of the use of an ESB, as well as design patterns that are appropriate for the specific type of use needed.

Today more than ever, we are focusing on services that are easily understood and used by both programmers and users, seeking to be adopted swiftly. This brings us to wanting to integrate systems faster, following created standards, effortlessly maintained, reliable, flexible and easy to integrate. The ESBs fulfill these characteristics and allow organizations to include an external value inside of them.

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