2016 - 2020
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Application to get digital authorizations for transactions on the Stock Market

Native iOS and Android apps for clients of Vector Stock Market


Specialized services

  • Managed services: Maintenance, Support and monitoring of technological infrastructure, Security.
  • ISO 27000 / PCI compliant commercial grade mobile apps.

Flagship products

  • Real Time Signature · Digital authorization channel
Third party products
  • Integration · NGINX
  • Cloud · Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Success Cases

Vector Stock Market

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01. About Vector

It is a brokerage house with specialized services and products, which covers the needs of individual investors, companies, institutional funds, governments and foreign investors. Their leadership position leads them to give added value by:

  • Guide the business with a vision of customer service through personalized advice.
  • Foster a culture of risk management and ethical values throughout the organization.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest.
  • Integrate teams with excellent personnel.
  • Innovate through the development and application of cutting-edge technology.

02. Vector Challenge

  • Have an innovative method for confirming instructions before going public.
  • Have a scalable architecture cloud that allows infrastructure to grow as needed.
  • Have a secure and highly available cloud environment.
  • Ensure the traceability and certainty of the completion of transactions, avoiding their rejection.

03. Solution Proposed by CITI

  • Design and development of a friendly mobile application as well as a transactional Core.
  • The application has the expected functionalities and the core allows for granular traceability.
  • Design of a scalable architecture in AWS, highly available and with the ability to exploit transactional information.
  • Support for the application in order to ensure that the platform is operating 24/7/365.

04. Benefits

  • Vector now has a traceable application that meets their business needs.
  • Now with AWS, Vector has a global, scalable, secure infrastructure.
  • Ongoing support is available for app troubleshooting.
  • Improved user experience and met business needs.
Amazon AWS

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