Enables value exchanges easily.

Technology solution that drives our clients to build a comprehensive and flexibly digital wallet system.

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Claro Pay

A transactional core for the new digital era

Cutting-edge technology with updated architecture principles and design patterns that allows institutions of different sizes and types, whether financial, commercial or service, to offer products such as electronic wallets or purses, enabling value exchange in a swift, flexible and scalable way.


Closed & Open Loops

Card transactions

Profiles and Accounts

Balances and Movements




Self-Service Portal

Cash in & Cash out

Money transfers

Administration Portal


Swiftly integrating financial
functionalities to any app


API based on OpenBanking PSD2

Cloud or
On-Premise Solution

Flexibility to increase your services according to the real needs of your clients

A new business model with adaptable use cases.
  • Cloud-Agnostic
  • Front-Agnostic
  • Adaptability with legacy systems
  • Customization of limits, commissions, and more
  • Scalable usage and payment model

No barriers to entry into an entirely different financial world

AurumCore is designed by leveraging our extensive experience in the financial sector and our broad portfolio of transactional solutions.

  • Compliance with CNBV regulations
  • PCI DSS / PIN / S3 Standards
  • Carrier-Grade Platform
  • ISO-27001 Certification
  • Uptime 99.99%

Security and continuous value delivery with a comprehensive DevOps strategy

Lifecycle management with account-specific limits and transactions. With AurumCore, enabling financial services is a reality.

  • Continuous Integration & Delivery (CI/CD)
  • Centralized, complete, and secure administration
  • Management of conciliation and settlement processes
  • High Availability Solution

Enhance your clients' experience

Simplify people's lives with the convenience and ease of a digital wallet to manage money, points, cards, budgets, subscriptions, accounts, and more.