Transformation consulting

Consulting intervention with its own value.
We provide real and on-time information to your company applying our diagnostic tools for effective decision making.

3 pillars<br>of transformation
3 pillars
of transformation

They are experienced, analyzed
and managed differently

6 Business<br> dimensions
6 Business

The why
of your strategy

4 Links<br> in the value chain
4 Links
in the value chain

Strong foundation
of your business

Our proven methodology

We develop a model to understand your business in depth.
This allows us to determine the stage of maturity it’s in, to detect areas of opportunity.


Initial planning

We collect the initial inputs, select and adapt the work tools that we will use.

We schedule interviews with stakeholders, prepare a work plan, define the objective and carry out a general analysis of the business.

Consultoría de Transformación Fase 00 Planeación

Survey and hypothesis

We apply the selected methods and tools: interviews, surveys, observational studies, statistical studies and process survey.

We analyze the information collected: technological analysis, digital maturity analysis and production of a strategic analysis matrix. The first hypothesis is formulated.

Consultoría de Transformación Fase 01 Levantamiento

Solution design

We exploit the three pillars of technological transformation: Digitization, Digital Transformation and Business Transformation.

We seek to enhance the entire value chain, we design strategic solutions, processes and even new businesses.

Consultoría de Transformación Fase 02 Diseño Soluciones

Financial analysis

We explore relevant business cases and use our thorough financial assessment method to build different scenarios.

Consultoría de Transformación Fase 03 Análisis Financiero

Final presentation

Finally, we show the results obtained and the solution proposals in an extensive and substantial presentation, and offer an executive report.

Consultoría de Transformación Fase 04 Presentación Final
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