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More people want to quit social media than smoking in 2017, study claims


More people want to quit social media than smoking in 2017, according to new research.

Over 1,500 people were asked about their plans for the New Year, with one in ten planning to quit social media, compared to just 8% who want to quit smoking.
The survey was carried out by online local services marketplace

“The latest research has shown that excessive social media use can also be bad for your health,” said CEO Sohrab Jahanbani.
“It’s interesting that people are starting to notice the negative impact social media can have on their lives and are planning on kicking this modern habit in 2017.”

Studies have previously linked use of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter with an increased risk of depression.
Some have suggested that reducing the time spent on social media could have a positive effect on mental health.

Social media use increases the risk of depression among young people, according to research from the University of Pittsburgh ’s Center for Research on Media, Technology, and Health published last month.

The study found that people who use anywhere from seven to ten social media platforms are three times more likely to be depressed or anxious, compared to those using no more than two.


The findings also suggested that millennials – in this case, those born after 1984 – get so much validation from social media that they can struggle with self-esteem when it comes to real life.

“This association is strong enough that clinicians could consider asking their patients with depression and anxiety about multiple platform use and counseling them that this use may be related to their symptoms,” said lead author of the study, Dr Brian A. Primack.

Along with ditching social media, the Bidvine survey also revealed that some 2% are looking forward to getting divorced this year. Meanwhile, two fifths (41%) of Brits said they are anxious about Brexit , and more than a third (35%) identified US President Elect Donald Trump’s inauguration on 20 January as being the event that they are most nervous about this year.

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