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In spite of the rumors that the social networks can replace to the electronic mail, this it continues being the nucleus of the enterprise communication in Internet. Like so, it is important to evaluate the best services of electronic mail available and to make an election that adapts to your necessities.
By laziness or carelessness, many people do not want nor to hear speak to change their electronic mail of always, and follow anchored with he himself supplier on watch of electronic mail who have always used. In spite of the occasional misfortunes and challenges, the ignorance of other powerful and free suppliers of services of electronic mail patches to only one or two stay. You must consider the supplies of other suppliers of services of free electronic mail in line to decide if you must cambiarte or to maintain your present supplier on watch of electronic mail.


Automatic filters to avoid Spam and mail nondesado. If we do not want that our tray of entrance becomes a nest of salesmen of smoke and miracles, an updated and robust filter anti-Spam is fundamental. All the options of our study you fulfill of effective form, being gmail perhaps the one that emphasizes more in this one aspect.
Space of storage: For personal or professional use, we accumulated emails that contains valuable information more and more and content multimedia. Videos, presentations or archives, will be out of danger in anyone of the servants studied here. Yahoo Mail offers until 1TB of storage in your mail, whereas outlook or gmail has free solutions in the cloud next to its electronic mail (onedrive for outlook or google drive for gmail) with storage of several GB available.
Easy movable access, your post office on your movable telephone perfectly synchronous. It anywhere responds an email from the beach or.
free mail that nothing costs to register nor to maintain the service


Gmail is simple and easy to use. Count with more than 10 GB of free storage, counts on an excellent filter of Spam and allows the access through movable devices. Its incorporated chat allows chat of voice and video, as well as normal chat by text. Account with capacity search to find lost or old messages. In addition, the messages of Gmail group the reference answers very well in which you can read the messages in context.
Gmail also offers service of electronic mail to size for companies, individuals and organizations. Once you can prove that a Web site belongs to you, Gmail aid to administer its customized electronic mail to him and it is even possible to be lodged in its servant.

GMAIL continues being the leader world-wide level

With an overwhelming authority and a policy of privacy that raises blisters in certain sectors of Internet, the giant of Google continues winning the first position as far as accounts of electronic mail. To favor, a gmail account gives access you to limitless mail, you can have several accounts in a single tray of entrance, it is easy to integrate with your professional mail type, and has filters of security, possibility of company/signature and a complete management of your tray of entrance. Without a doubt a weight option.

Against, the obsessive persecution by your behavior online that has google, to be able ofrecerte publicity perfectly segmented and to have to its shareholders contentments.

You can create an account in less of a minute, we finished publishing tutorial step by step updated for 2015.


2. OUTLOOK.COM is the new one, service of electronic mail One is based to disconnect the feeding of Outlook in the PC and Mac, and counts with more ordered user interface, without announcements of display. It is constructed on the base of the last tendencies in the communication by Internet. It is possible to be connected with the social networks from the interior of your account of electronic mail, to integrate skydrive that include Office Web Apps for Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Outlook is ours second option, and a great alternative to Gmail.

For that we have been having account of hotmail for lustrums already, the forced logical evolution and in addition is called OUTLOOK. If you are not of gmail, you are of Microsoft. They are both giant and they monopolize most of the market as far as free services of mail.

In order to create your free account, it visits or it follows ours guide to create an account step by step.

If you need to form outlook to synchronize it on your movable telephone, here we left you our guide for android and ios.


Zoho Mail is directed to professionals. Account with calendar, instantaneous administrator of tasks, notes and chat, as well as applications of businesses are in another Google for Apps Business. It is easy to form and to administer. Surprising, the mail of Zoho is added to protect your privacy.
The messages of electronic mail not even are analyzed in search of key words for the trade intention.
You can decide on a free Lite Plan that offers 5 GB of storage of electronic mail by user, push mail, movable synchronization and electronic mail. It can register a single name of dominion in the free Plane Lite, and its direction of electronic mail will appear like
Although much less well-known, zoho has a behind very faithful community of users and who augur a great future to the company. The great alternative to the giants that dominate the sector, if it concerns the privacy to you. It follows the connection stops to create a mail account in zoho

4. MAIL.COM offers most of the important characteristics of the email that you could be thinking. Most important, you can select the name of dominion of electronic mail that you better have left between more than 200 names of dominion so on. Nevertheless, the value by defect is
They offer a limitless capacity of storage of electronic mail and can connect up to 50 MB of archives in an attached file. Also you can form your electronic mail to receive and to respond all the electronic mails from this direction. Also they provide movable support. You can use the electronic mail in the Blackberry, iDevices and Android. Also you have calendar in line for its use.


New the Yahoo! Mail is between the best free services of electronic mail available in the Web and movable devices. They offer social storage of limitless electronic mail, networks, instantaneous mail and text messages SMS.
You can see presentations of slides, photos and videos directly from the interior of mailbpx. You can send up to 50 archives or size of file of 100 MB in a single electronic mail. The messages are automatically classified and to reduce the priority messages as the news bulletins and the coupons are organized in folders.

6. GMX

GMX is not so popular, but it offers services of very trustworthy electronic mail. The Spam and the virus well are filtered. It provides storage of limitless electronic mail and allows up to 50 MB of attached data. You can administer all your accounts of electronic mail using its collector of electronic mail. It can manage your messages of electronic mail in the Web and moving body.
They make use of encriptación SSL to protect the electronic mail against the Spam and the virus.

7. FastMail

Also it must consider the use of FastMail. They have in line been during 10 years. They boast of a trustworthy protection mail safe sweepings, temporary passwords by SMS, the folders Web of photos and archives and much more. Its free plan or establishment offers 25 MB of storage of electronic mail, IMAP and 120 days of time of inactivity.



Hushmail is another service of precious electronic mail that must put in consideration. They are allowed up to 25 MB of free storage in its free account. Well it is integrated with movable Android, Blackberry, iPhone and other devices. Also it can integrate perspective for its Hushmail.


  • Blockade of Spam with filters and scanner of virus in the attached archives of entrance and exit


  • Perhaps a little simple. Perfect for that it does not need nothing very elaborated and only wants a simple account of mail or to use it as second account.
  • It does not include orthographic corrector.
  • Little storage that very fast you can be had left short.


If it values much the security of his tray of entrance and the simplicity of a manager of emails, hushmail can be its option.

In order to create an account free, in his main page

9. INBOX.COM offers 5GB of space of free storage for its electronic mails. You can change to the design of its tray of entrance with its tool drag n drop. Also you can select the channels RSS that adapt to your necessities. They free offer in line photosharing, calendar, tasks and notes as it leaves from free offers to a side their service of free electronic mail.


  • gives you free up to 5 GB of space, something that normally would have to be sufficient to store all your post office, with pop access
  • Access simple and easy to use, complete text editor and system of labels to keep and to order your post officeDisadvantages
  • does not have access IMAP, so you will not be able to synchronize it with your mail of office, for example, only in pop way
  • Neceitas a valid telephone number
  • It needs to toolbar in the navigator, who makes the access easier, but that to me, or many others, us uncomfortable but who help
  • To day of today, it does not support encriptación of data

You can acerte free an account in his official page of

10. ShortMail

For that always it is in a hurry and very it is occupied. Think about Shortmail as its account of private Twitter. All the electronic mails are limited 500 characters, and the attached archives are not admitted. The messages are hoped that she is concise of more express, one more a more effective communication. It works in iPhone, movable Android and other applications.
When taking a decision, asegúrese to explore all the options available so that you can take advantage of its capacity to the maximum. We would like to see their opinions in the section of commentaries.
The telephone number and tablets fully surpasses the one of personal computers and PC. If the access to your email is normally from your movable device, you do not forget to visit the guides for electronic mail in android and iphone.



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